ASTM D3451

Micom offers ASTM D3451 as part of its coating testing and paint testing services. This standard provides a categorization of the many protocols available for the testing of powder coatings. More specifically, this guide covers the choice and the use of methods that are put at disposal for the assessment of the attributes of a sample. Moreover, it also comprises various exposure methods such as: ASTM G155 and ASTM B117. Lastly, no eminence of standards is established when more than one test satisfies the end objective.

Guide for coating powders and powder coatings testing—use and factors to consider:

The purpose of this guide is to convey information regarding the numerous coating tests that are available. Indeed, table 1 of present practice groups each test by the targeted attributes and it makes it easier to select the appropriate test for the right circumstances. In fact, the attributes listed comprise: mechanical, aesthetic and physicochemical properties. Furthermore, in each subdivision, there is a brief description of the property which raises the awareness on the importance of that attribute. However, one should rely on his experience when more than one standard is found suitable for the assessment of one property. As a matter of fact, this standard does not give precedence when that situation arises. Lastly, this method does not include test protocols that are developed for applications to pipes or reinforced steel bars.

The main factors that are to be considered when running this coating tests are: the light source, the temperature, the moisture and the sample age.

Typical Experimental parameters for ASTM D3451 testing:

The number of specimen and their sizes are to be specified by the selected method. In the event that the chosen method does not define the test conditions, a temperature of 23 ± 2 °C and a relative humidity of 50 ± 5% has to be used for the test.

Other test methods related to ASTM D3451:

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