ASTM D6344

Standard Test Method for Concentrated Impacts to Transport Packages

ASTM D6344 testing is now offered my Micom as part of its packaging testing services. ASTM D6344—Concentrated impacts to transport packages—describes the procedure required to test the ability of a complete filled transport package to withstand concentrated low-level impacts similar to the ones that encountered in the distribution. Furthermore, this method is comparable to a test that is present in the sequence of ISTA 3B. Lastly, this test protocol relies on the acceptance criteria that are stated in ASTM D4169.

Evaluation of the concentrated impact resistance of transport packages—use and factors to consider:

Astm D6343 | Packaging Testing | ISTA labThe goal of ASTM D6344 is to assess the ability of the packaging to withstand concentrated impacts from outside sources to protect their contents and to evaluate the dissipated energy. More specifically, it is through the use of an apparatus that it is possible to simulate low-level impacts that are encountered in the distribution environment of the transported package. Indeed, the instrument associates a cylindrical mass with a full radius with a guided free fall, a non-guided free fall or a pendulum movement as a means to replicate the impacts that may be inflicted by the various modes of transportation on the specimen. Moreover, the test is conducted on the faces that are most susceptible to be on the receiving hand of those hazards. For instance, large containers are subjected to impacts on the four vertical faces and on the top while all the faces of small packages are exposed. Lastly, it is important to point out that this test protocol does not provide acceptation criteria. Hence, it is necessary to employ the ones that are mentioned on ASTM D4169.

The main factors that are to be considered when running this test are: the height of the drop and the faces that go through the test.

Typical Experimental parameters for ASTM D6344 testing:

The number of samples required and their sizes have to be specified. The conditioning atmosphere has to comply with the ASTM D4332 standard. In the event that the container is made from fiberboard or paperboard, it is necessary to include the preconditioning period defined in that latter practice.

Other test methods related to ASTM D6344:

For additional related test methods, please see ASTM D4332

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