Packaged Products Weighing Over 150 lbs (68 kg)

ISTA 1B is a packaged test for products weighting over 150 LB (68 KG). It is one of the most basic test sequences of all of the ISTA test procedures. This test can be considered as a screening test. Micom tests to ISTA 1B as part of its Package testing services.

ISTA 1B Uses and Factors to Consider

ISTA 1B Testing | Micom Laboratories

ISTA 1B can be used to evaluate the performance of a packaged product and compare the relative performance of package and product design alternatives.  While testing to ISTA 1B, the package and product are considered together and not separately. Both need to be tested together.  Furthermore, this test does not cover specific conditions during transit such as moisture, pressure or unusual handling. If these distribution hazards are of concern to you, we recommend the ISTA 2B instead.

ISTA 1B calls for the use of a fixed displacement vibration test. To use random vibration instead of fixed displacement vibration, we recommend the ISTA 1H or ISTA 2B.    Minimum 1 sample is requested to be tested. For final packaging design purposes a higher number of samples is recommended (ideally 5 or more). Alternatively, ASTM D4169 can also be used to test your packages.

Packages that have already been subjected to the rigors of transportation prior to the test cannot be assumed to represent standard conditions. In order to insure testing in optimal condition, products and packages shipped to accredited laboratories for testing must be over-packaged for shipment to the laboratory or repackaged in new packaging at the laboratory.

ISTA 1B Test Sequence

The tests need to be performed on each test sample in the sequence indicated in the following table

Sequence No.

Test Category

Test Type

Test Level

For ISTA Certification



Fixed Displacement

1 in (25 mm) peak to peak at a frequency to be determined




(Alternative methods allowed – select one test type)


6 in (150 mm)


Incline Impact (Conbur)

69 in (1.7 m) per second impact velocity

Horizontal Impact

69 in (1.7 m) per second velocity change



Rotational Edge Drop

8 in (200 mm)

Required when not testing face 1

Typical Experimental Parameters

  • Number of specimens per product: 1 (min.)
  • Sample weight: More than 150 lbs

Other Related Test Methods

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If you have any questions about ISTA 1B, please contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and help you with your custom testing requirements.

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