Individual Packaged Furniture Products (Case Goods)

ISTA 2C test is used for furniture packages. This test is an intermediate level test protocol used for testing packages. It combines basic elements of ISTA 1 series with advanced elements of ISTA 3 series. Micom offers ISTA 2C test as part of its Package testing services.

ISTA 2C Uses and Factors to Be Considered

ISTA 2C | Packaging Testing | Micom Laboratorie

ISTA 2C is a partial simulation test for individually packaged furniture products. It can be used to evaluate the performance of a packaged product.  It can also be used to compare the relative performance of package and product design alternatives. ISTA 2C is a useful test method for evaluating a packaged product resistance for international shipping. Alternately, the ISTA 3A and ASTM D4169 tests should also be considered.

When specified, test samples can be tested under specific atmospheric transit conditions such as moisture, low temperature or low pressure altitude.  Should you have any questions or need help, our experts will be happy to work with you to tailor the best possible test plan given your needs.

A minimum of 1 sample is required to test to ISTA 2C. For final packaging design purposes, a higher number of samples is recommended such as 5 samples or more.  However only testing one is mandatory to establish compliance.

Test Sequence

The tests need to be performed on each test sample in the sequence indicated below:

  • Atmospheric conditioning
  • Vibration
  • Shock

Typical Experimental Parameters

  • Number of specimens per product: 1 minimum
  • Maximum sample weight: 150 lbs

Other Related Test Methods

For additional related test methods, we invite you to read more on ISTA Testing,  Package Testing or ASTM Packaging.

To learn more about ISTA 2C test for furniture packages, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our please to answer your questions and review your packing testing requirements.

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