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From Intern To Supervisor: Salha Hemed’s Journey At Micom

From Intern to Supervisor: Salha Hemed’s Journey at Micom

As you may have read last week, Jacques St-Denis, Supervisor of Surface Finish Testing at Micom, has decided to retire. However, we have excellent news to share with you. Salha Hemed, a CPI in Chemical Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal, is ready to take the reins and breathe new energy into our team.

Those familiar with Micom Laboratories will certainly recognize Salha, as she has been an integral part of our company, as an intern and employee for the past two years. Her ascent from a promising intern to an accomplished supervisor is a true testament to her commitment to our company and her field of expertise.

Salha’s academic background is as impressive as her professional experience. After completing her engineering studies at École Polytechnique, she has demonstrated her commitment to excel in her field. This combination of expertise gained at Micom Laboratories and in-depth knowledge through her studies has made Salha the ideal choice for the position of Laboratory Supervisor.

We are confident that Salha will make an invaluable contribution to our team and continue to elevate our company to new heights. Follow us to discover the innovative ideas on the horizon with Salha Hemed at the helm.




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