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Micom Celebrates A Quarter Century Of Innovation And Collaboration With A BBQ

Micom Celebrates a Quarter Century of Innovation and Collaboration with a BBQ

On June 4, we continued our celebrations to mark an important milestone in Micom’s history: 25 years in business. Since 1999, our renowned material testing laboratory in Montreal has come a long way thanks to the commitment and expertise of every member of its team.🎉

We organized a memorable lunch to celebrate this special event full of highlights and gratitude.

Highlights of the Lunch

🔥 BBQ dinner: A convivial moment where our team was able to exchange ideas and memories while strengthening the bonds that unite us. The BBQ was an opportunity for everyone to relax and enjoy a pleasant dinner break, lively conversations and shared laughter.

🎂 Celebration cake: A sumptuous dessert to mark this important milestone.

📢 President’s speech: Thoughtful and inspiring words, recalling our journey and sharing our vision for the future. The President highlighted the key moments that have shaped Micom and expressed his gratitude to all collaborators.

BBQ Image

Micom’s History and Achievements

Micom was founded in 1999 by Michel, who started the company in the basement of his home with basic laboratory equipment. The company quickly grew, opening its first industrial space in June 1999. In August 1999, Micom received its first accreditation, marking the beginning of a long series of successes and industry recognitions.

The company underwent its first significant expansion in 2002, followed by others in 2010, 2012, and 2023. All these expansions testify to our continued growth and ability to adapt to market needs. We began testing in a walk-in climatic chamber in 2011 and expanded our offering to include corrosion testing in 2013.

The year 2021 was marked by the achievement of Gen-O18 certification from Airbus Canada, a major recognition of our expertise and commitment to excellence. In 2022, Michel’s daughter Anne-Marie Comtois joined the team, reinforcing our company’s family and intergenerational nature.

Anniversary BBQ Image

Vision for the Future

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we look to the future. Micom is determined to continue on the path of innovation while remaining true to its core values and continuing to offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

We have ambitious projects for the coming years, including expanding our material testing capabilities and facilities, as well as integrating new technologies to further improve our services.

In addition to these developments, we plan to launch several initiatives to enhance our environmental and social impact. By investing in sustainable technologies and adopting responsible practices, we are committed to making Micom a positive change agent in our industry.

Thanks to Our Team and an Invitation to the Community

Micom’s success is, above all, the result of the hard work, passion, and innovation of each member of our team. Together, we have overcome challenges, achieved ambitious goals, and continue to build a promising future. We want to thank every collaborator for their dedication and essential contribution to our success.

We invite you to share this important milestone with us. Your support and trust are vital to our continued success.

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