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Micom Laboratories Organizational Culture And Employee Profile

Micom Laboratories Organizational Culture and Employee Profile

Micom Laboratories is proud to be an independent material testing laboratory that plays a leading role in providing testing services for key players in many sectors. The company’s testing portfolio includes products ranging from office furniture to weapons components, composites and aerospace. Our materials testing skills revolve around a variety of accelerated aging processes, including vibration, extreme temperature and humidity testing, corrosion testing, UV testing and fatigue testing.

This article explores Micom’s unique corporate culture, influenced by its employees and in turn contributing to their fulfillment. We emphasize the long-term commitment and growing diversity of our staff, all centered on our core values:

  • Responsibility
  • Efficiency
  • Community
  • Learning

Micom_25th_Culture and values

Employee Career Longevity

At Micom, employees enjoy long-lasting fulfilling careers, which is quite rare these days. Veterans such as Guy Gagné, Jacques St-Denis and Jean Poitras are proof of our loyalty to our employees, which extends well into their retirement. This longevity testifies to a professional environment that is nurtured and valued.

Impact on Corporate Culture

Employees like Adrien and Rémi have established convivial traditions: frequent barbecues and the famous pizza dinners. And let’s not forget the donuts/muffins to mark birthdays and the arrival of new employees, and the cakes for other special occasions. At Micom, these events are more than just social moments; they are rituals that reinforce team cohesion and morale. These initiatives clearly show that employees can establish a welcoming corporate culture.

Micom_25th_Social activities

Diversity and Innovation

Over time, the company began to integrate young employees and trainees, making its working environment more dynamic. It also had to take into account a new reality: cultural diversity. Employees from Russia, Poland, Romania, Sri Lanka and India have been recruited to join Micom’s dynamic team. This diversity brings a wealth of perspectives that enhance creativity and problem-solving approaches to our materials testing services.

Training and Development Programs

Micom invests in the continuous training of its employees to ensure their competence and to remain constantly up to date with new technologies and materials testing methodologies. This training is essential for employees’ professional and personal development but also helps Micom to stay at the forefront of its industry.

Micom_Employee Training

Conclusion and Employee Recognition

Micom Laboratories’ corporate culture would not be what it is today without the contribution and dedication of its employees. Each has played a unique role, in his or her own way, in the company’s development and longevity. Here is a detailed list of notable contributions, organized chronologically by start year:

  • Guy (22 years: 1999-2021): Guy played a key role in Micom’s early development.
  • Sylvie (3 years: 1999-2002) – Administrative Assistant: Sylvie was also essential in the early days of the company.
  • Muriel (8 years: 2001-2009) – Administrative Assistant: Muriel brought valuable experience from Nortel to her retirement.
  • Jean (10 years: 2004-2014) – Laboratory Technician: With some 30 years of laboratory experience in the paper industry before joining Micom, Jean provided indispensable technical expertise until his retirement.
  • Chantal (11 years: 2009-2020) – Administrative Assistant: Chantal provided significant support to administrative operations until her retirement.
  • Jacques (8 years: 2009-2012 & 2018-2023) – Supervisor: Known as “Micom’s BBQ boss”, Jacques enriched the company’s social culture until his retirement, in addition to bringing 35 years of experience in laboratory testing and product certification.
  • Adrien (10 years: 2013-2023) – Laboratory technician and quality coordinator: Adrien initiated the popular barbecues and pizza dinners.
  • Adam (12 years: Since 2013)
  • Mike (18.5 years: Since 2005)
  • Florin (16 years: Since 2008)

This timeline highlights Micom Laboratories’ evolution and recognizes the impact its employees have had on its growth. By celebrating these contributions, Micom continues to promote a corporate culture based on its values, employee recognition and commitment, and diversity. This ensures our continued success in a competitive industry.

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