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New BIFMA X5.6 Standard

Micom Laboratories is happy to inform you that BIFMA released last week its most recent version of BIFMA X5.6 – Panel Systems.  This standard is part of the mechanical test for office furniture from BIFMA:

The following tests were changed and might necessitate re-testing:

  • 5.3       Force Stability Test for Screens
  • 8.3       Primary surface concentrated proof load tests
  • 8.4       Horizontal surface distributed proof load tests
  • 10.1     Top load ease cycle test (for primary surfaces)
  • 10.2     Cycle test for extendible elements
  • 10.8     Work surface vertical adjustment test
  • 11.6     Wear and fatigue test for hinged, horizontally sliding and tambour doors
  • 11.1     Slam closed test for vertically hinged and vertically receding doors
  • 11.13   Slam open and closed test for doors that do not free-fall
  • 13        Pull force test
  • 14        Wear and fatigue test for vertically hinged and horizontally sliding access door
  • 15        Slam open and closed test for sliding access doors
  • 16        Slam closed test for vertically hinged access doors
  • 17        Force test for access door lock
  • 18        Glass retention test for access doors

For more information visit our BIFMA X5.6 webpage or contact us.

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