Accelerated Corrosion Testing

Accelerated corrosion testing services offered at Micom Laboratories. There are two types of accelerated corrosion testing: static and cyclic corrosion. Micom offers both types of services.

The most common accelerated corrosion test is ASTM B117 also called salt spray test.  In addition to the ASTM B117 test, we can also conduct the following corrosion tests:

Cyclic Automotive Tests

  • CCT I (also known as CCT-A)
  • CCT IV (also known as CCT-D)
  • MCT-1M
  • MCT-2M
  • SAE J14563
  • VDA 621-415

International Standards Organization



  • BS 2011 P2.1
  • BS 3900, F4 (formerly DEF 1053 M24)
  • BS 3900, F9 (formerly DEF 1053 M36)
  • BS AU148 P2
  • BS 5466 P1, 2 & 3
  • BS 7479
  • BS 7479 AASS
  • DEF 0755 (formerly DEF 133)


  • CCT U0101 A
  • NFX 41-002


  • DIN 50.907
  • DIN 50.021SS
  • DIN 50.021ASS
  • DIN 50.021CASS
  • DIN 50.017
  • DIN 53.167
  • DIN 40.046
  • VG 95210
  • VG 95332

Miscellaneous Tests

  • Synthetic Sweat
  • Simulated Acid Rain (SART)
  • Japan Acid Rain CCT

Post-Test Methods Related to Accelerated Corrosion Testing

Upon test completion, different measurements can be made to quantify the impacts of corrosion. For more information on these post-test evaluations, we invite you to learn more about  ASTM Testing and  Coating Testing.

If you have any questions about corrosion, material degradation or accelerated corrosion testing, we invite you to contact our material testing lab today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions.